About Atami Castle

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What’s Atami Castle?

Atami Castle is 120 meters above sea level, and
Divine fortress are under the scenic spot Nishikigaura.
Fortification is the best place.
Once upon a time of the Sengoku period,
Even the strong coach of Kanto and Tokai district could not build the Naval castle.
Fortification architecture of the Momoyama period Japan has reached the apex of development, in accordance with the style of the early Keicho, construction of the castle tower was built in 1959 in the five-layer high-rise building exterior, inside the 9th floor.
Castle was rebuilt as the reconstruction and at the same time, Odawara Castle, Nagoya Castle, and Osaka Castle.



Atami1993, Atami-shi, Shizuoka-ken 413-0033

TEL.0557-81-6206 FAX.0557-83-5535

午前 9:00 ~ 午後 5:00(入場は4時30分まで)(年中無休)

100台 駐車可能 料金500円(福祉車輌用駐車場あり(有料) 駐車係員にお尋ねください。)


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Tokyo-Atami Trick Art Large vehicles and passenger cars.Turn left immediately out of the Nishikigaura tunnel.
Ito/Shimoda-Atami Trick Art On the National Highway135, Turn right at the front Nishikigaura tunnel.


Taxi from Atami Station(about 10min.)


To Ito/Ajiro and Taga-Syako Get off at Nishikigaura and Walk(about 10min.)
To Atami-kou and Kourakuen Transfer to ropeway at Cyojyo Station and Walk(about 10min.)


Yu-Yu-Bus from Atami Station(about 13min.) Get off at Atami-Jyomae(Ride free 700 yen a day)